Sniper Elite 4 Pre-Order Details


More than 4 months before full release of the game (and well before Black Friday and the holidays when I expected it to happen), Sniper Elite 4 pre-order details have emerged… somewhat.

Steam has the deluxe version that includes the season pass for $89 right now. This video also says that all pre-orders get the “kill Hitler” DLC that is always an option with Sniper Elite games.

It does look very good, and Op and I are greatly looking forward to this game, but I think we both are leery about pre-orders, especially season passes where we don’t know what is included. I don’t know… do you think it’s worth it?



According to the Steam page for Kombat Pack 2, as of October 4th, the PC version of MKX will be almost on par with the consoles in the sense of characters and bug fixes. Netherrealm handed over the reigns to the PC port to Qloc. To people who owned MKX on PC, this is amazing news since it was clear that the game had been abandoned shortly after the first Kombat Pack was released.

As an added bonus, current owners of MKX will get the Kombat Pack 2 for free if purchased before October 4th. Steam currently has the game on sale, but Humble has the game about $10 cheaper. In fact, I bought it on Steam originally, but just did a refund to save myself the money by getting it on Humble.