Why are you still using Yahoo!?


The Intercept had a fantastic article about Yahoo! that should send chills down the spines of people who still have and use the free email service while simultaneously angering people regardless of their affiliation with the site. I suggest you go and read that article because it lays it out more neatly than I could.

tldr: NSA asked Yahoo! to let them spy on you and Yahoo! bent over backwards to comply, without putting up a fight at all

What I’d like to do is to help you get away from Yahoo! and start using a better service. I’ll be doing this over the next week-or-so as I actually help a friend to leave the service. What I’d like you to do is to ask yourself the simple question that is the headline of this article. Why are you still using your Yahoo! account? If the answer is because you’re loyal to them, you might want to rethink that after while reading the linked article above. If you’re simply there because you never thought about leaving, now is a perfect time to rethink your options.

Stay tuned for my mini-tutorial

The Internet Just Got More… International


ICANN is no longer under the authority of the United States of America. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration has had control of domain names up until the first, but this service is officially independent and non-profit.

There are some that (bafflingly) think this will cause the internet to suddenly restrict Americans’ First Amdendment rights (freedom of speech, specifically), but it does appear to currently be a vocal minority.