Anger Risen… 3


I haven’t been this angry about a game in a long time.

I picked up Risen 3 complete pack on the Steam Summer Sale. I’m pretty sure I got the original two through Humble Bundle a long time ago, but I’ve only played about 5 minutes on one of them. That was also a long time ago.

I was looking for a new RPG and really wanted to play something new. Without boring you with the details, just let me say that I felt like I needed to buy something this Summer Sale in particular. Just before I moved to Minnesota, I decided to install and try Risen 2. For whatever reason, it constantly crashed on launch, and I was unable to play it at all. This happens, especially with older games, when you try to play them on anything higher than Windows 7Microsoft is trying to make sure everyone is on Windows 10, and I believe they are subtly changing things in the previous versions of Windows to make older games stop working.

I like Deep Silver, so I figured I’d give Risen 3 a try. It loaded up perfectly and automatically had all the graphics settings proper, so I was excited. I went in and changed my controls, like I do with EVERY GAME, and started the bad boy up. Apparently, I had unbound certain commands, because going through the first couple minutes of the game teaches you button commands. I got to the above scene and found out that I had left “Secondary Weapon” blank. as a result, I could not continue in the game. Trust me, I pressed every single button on the keyboard. I had to ALT TAB out and end the program.

Deep Silver is not new to gaming. This is amateur hour. If a button is required to play, it should be an alert before you start playing if it is not. At the very least, let a guy press ESC and set the button that is needed. Nope… this one just hangs there.

Like I said, I haven’t been so mad at a game in a long time. This is the fastest refund I’ve ever requested.