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Terraria – Hardest boss ever?


RC was messing around in Terraria the other day when he remembered that he had heard one could kill the Dungeon Guardian. For those that don’t know, there is a “boss” that is supposed to keep you from entering the dungeon until you defeat Skeletron. The Dungeon Guardian basically one-shots anyone who dares to enter the dungeon without first defeating Skeletron. Not only that, but the boss’ armor is such that he can only take 1 damage (2 on a critical hit) from absolutely anything, and is immune to every debuff. Yeah, he’s a bit OP.

Not to be deterred, RC did what any obsessive gamer would do: defeat the boss. The only problem was that RC forgot he was in Expert Mode, giving the boss a lot more health, and that there were actually TWO guardians that came after him. Anyway… watch the video.