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Twitch has no balls


So… I’m a big fanboy of Devolver Digital. Looking at my posts and streams, that’s probably not a big bit of news for any of you. As such, and with the Steam Summer Sale, I finally picked up Genital Jousting. It looks unique, fun, and outlandish. I was also super-excited to stream the gameplay and my reaction.

I had only owned the game for about an hour before I tweeted my excitement.

Then I started thinking… maybe it IS against the AUP to stream it. A quick search revealed that it was, in fact, against the rules to stream Genital Jousting on Twitch. Ok, I thought, maybe I can do so on YouTube. A similar search gave me no answers. I scoured help files, forums, and everything I could on YouTube. Still no answers… my last resort was to ask them on Twitter.

Still no answer. It’s only been an hour, so I’m not too worried. Also, there are many videos on YouTube featuring Genital Jousting, so who knows…

It’s extremely sad to me that a person can stream games like Wolfenstein: New World Order, which is incredibly violent and realistic, but the sight of cartoon-y penis and balls is too much. The news can show videos of cops shooting black guys, but they still have to write “shit” in ASCII. It really makes you wonder… it does me, at least.