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Steam protects users when maybe it… shouldn’t


This story changes by the day, so I really wanted to thank Let’s Play Video Games and VG 24/7 for their reporting.

Digital Homicide Studios, a game company that I’ve never had the (dis)pleasure of coming across, recently had all of their games pulled from Steam by Valve. Honestly, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of something similar happening, but WB has to be close to that point *mean mug*

Apparently, Digital Homicide felt that they were being harassed by Steam users in the review section of many of their games. As a result, Digital Homicide recently requested the personal information from 100 Steam users so that it could threaten and/or pursue legal action against those users. While I think online harassment should NOT be tolerated, the idea of suing for product reviews is a widely reviled action.

After Valve became fed up with the threats of Digital Homicide, they simply removed every single game of Digital Homicide from the Valve store. Users who still own the games can still play them, but no new purchases will be allowed.

The latest wrinkle in this story is that Digital Homicide is now seeking legal counsel to bring legal action against Valve. How litigious of them.

Check back for more news on the subject since I’m awkwardly fascinated by the legal wranglings in software.