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What do you guys want to see?


We’ve got our regular series of things that we’re going to be streaming – like Borderlands 2, Killing Floor 2, Darkest Dungeon, Domina, Rocket League and others – but we were wondering what you wanted to see. We have a lot up our sleeves, so let us know what you’d like to see most.

What should we stream next?

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Quake HD Remake?


With all of the HD remakes coming out lately, I started wondering what games I would actually like to see get a remake. Everyone has been hoping the Blizzard will announce a Diablo 2 HD at Blizzcon this year, and that would definitely be towards the top on my list. I just finished playing DOOM, which was… kind of a remake…? I enjoyed my time quite a lot and look forward to going back to play it on a harder difficulty. That got me thinking… why not Quake?

I’ve long considered Quake to be one of the best games ever made. The leap from the Doom engine to the idTech Quake engine was one of the most important moves in computer gaming. Just imagine where we’d be without Mr. John Carmack and his toolbox of wonderfulness!

I think I could guarantee my $30-45 to a Quake HD game, but that’s not the real question. The real question is whether or not they could count on your money?