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Mea culpa


What’s been going on?

Good question. I moved out of Iowa and up to Minnesota June 1st. The move was planned and everything, but it still ended up being rushed. It was a time of great change for me as I had just had my disability approved. Anyway, long story short, my medications got messed up and were only just fixed last week.

Medications for what?

from http://www.bonati.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/ddd.png

Another good question. I have degenerative disc disease and severe mental illness; specifically borderline personality disorder. DDD is a general term for degenerative changes in the spine. I have 5 bulging discs right now, three cervical (neck) and 2 lumbar (just above the tailbone). I also have stenosis on my spine (protrusions of bone or arthritis pushing onto the spine) and narrowing of the area where the nerves come off of the spine. This causes me chronic pain for which I have had a longtime prescription of high-powered pain killers.

Borderline personality disorder is a combination of many symptoms that are colloquially known as depression and anxiety. I’ve had it most of my life, but the official diagnosis is only about 5 years old. It causes me a lot of problems, but most notably are my lack of patience with most things, inability to maintain normal relationships with people, and cutting. I’ve probably got around 100 scars on my body from a lifetime of cutting.

The combination of being without any kind of medication for a week and other factors in my life led to this extended hiatus from the streaming you’ve come to accept from RCandOP.

So what do you want?

Nothing. This was just an explanation of what’s been going on. Some people have been asking where we went. We’re still around, we’re just… convalescing.