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WA Wants Valve to Stop Selling to Citizens


Gambling for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been a source of contention for some time now. Apparently, the kids are gambling for… skins? Is that… is that a thing?

No, but seriously, the Steam API lets third-party websites to set up games for themselves with prizes being items from Steam, specifically skins from CS:GO. This has been in the news before, but this is the first time that some serious attention has been given.

Washington state regulators from the Washington State Gambling Commission issued a statement to Valve threatening civil and legal action if they are not able to prove that they are adhering to state law. Valve had until October 14th to issue that statement, but they ended up missing that date.

“I am disappointed that Valve Corporation missed Friday’s deadline, but encouraged that they have committed to responding today,” WSGC director David Trujillo said. “I look forward to reviewing their response in detail.” (Source: PCGamer)

When Valve did reply, it was what might be the most strongly-worded legalese ever.

“We do not understand the legal or factual reasoning supporting this position, from the Commission’s letter or from our conversations with the Commission. We are also unsure of how you propose we do this. If there is a specific criminal statute or regulation you believe Valve is violating, please provide a citation… We would be happy to cooperate with the Commission, if it is able to identify more skins gambling sites that are illegal in Washington and the Steam accounts through which they operate,” Valve said. “We welcome the chance for further communication with the Commission.” (Source: Eurogamer)

I wanted to wait until this issue was finished to report on it, but after reading Valve’s reply, I doubt Washington is going to pursue this further. If I’m wrong, I’ll be happy to let you know.

Valve making some AWESOME moves


Steam Dev Days just wrapped up and we learned several awesome things! Here’s a quick breakdown, or you can visit the official page and see what you can find there.

  • Samsung and Valve have teamed up to allow gamers to stream their gaming session from their gaming rig to their TV. If you’re still here with dry pants, maybe you should read about it over at hd-report.com
  • All of you PS4 owners that are frustrated that you have to buy an Xbox controller to game on your PC, you will soon be able to use your PS4 controller. Also, your Steam Controller is going to have better support, but it’s clear the lead story of this is the PS4 thing…
  • Check out the new VR Controllers that will soon be in your hands. Literally. Your hands.
  • There are more than 10,000 games on Steam. So… that happened.

Steam protects users when maybe it… shouldn’t


This story changes by the day, so I really wanted to thank Let’s Play Video Games and VG 24/7 for their reporting.

Digital Homicide Studios, a game company that I’ve never had the (dis)pleasure of coming across, recently had all of their games pulled from Steam by Valve. Honestly, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of something similar happening, but WB has to be close to that point *mean mug*

Apparently, Digital Homicide felt that they were being harassed by Steam users in the review section of many of their games. As a result, Digital Homicide recently requested the personal information from 100 Steam users so that it could threaten and/or pursue legal action against those users. While I think online harassment should NOT be tolerated, the idea of suing for product reviews is a widely reviled action.

After Valve became fed up with the threats of Digital Homicide, they simply removed every single game of Digital Homicide from the Valve store. Users who still own the games can still play them, but no new purchases will be allowed.

The latest wrinkle in this story is that Digital Homicide is now seeking legal counsel to bring legal action against Valve. How litigious of them.

Check back for more news on the subject since I’m awkwardly fascinated by the legal wranglings in software.