A little Eve and chill


RC’s had some medical issues that have kept him off the streams, but he is still (sporadically) playing games. Namely, he’s been spending a lot of time in Eve Online. He knows he’s not very good at it, and he’s just starting out and learning stuff, but here’s a quick video of his Maulus.

Somewhere in there, he warps out without getting his drones back into the dock… so has to go back and scoop them up. He’s told that happens and is kinda normal, but he’s dubious.

Big Head Mode – Killing Floor 2


RC had the hardest time trying to get a stream to work tonite. He gave up and decided to try and sleep, but of course that couldn’t happen because everyone and their dog were shooting off fireworks. I get that it’s the 4th, but seriously people…

Anyway, after deciding he couldn’t sleep, RC tried to stream again. He tried Toxikk, having just upgraded to the full version from the Summer Sale, but that didn’t want to work either. He was eventually able to get KF2 working, so that’s what y’all got.

Just a quick stream with Killing Floor 2. The weekly event was “Bobblehead” mode, but everyone just ended up calling it Big Head Mode.